Autism, Aluminum and Sick Kids

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Let’s start by talking about some statistics.

According to Stephanie Senoff, a Senior scientist at MIT:

"If the present scale of growth continues apace,
1 out of every 2 children
in the United States
Will be on the autism spectrum.
by 2032. . ."

Whether you think vaccines are good for our children or not, here are some alarming statistics….

The FDA, our protective body, allows for what they consider safe levels of Aluminum for a newborn 8-10lb. baby.

Consider this. In an IV drip, 30 mcgs of Aluminum over a 24 hour period is the limit the FDA considers safe.

But in one Hep B vaccine, there is 250 mcgs Aluminum, which is typically given 12 hours after birth.

By 2 months they get 5-8 more shots. Therefore, in a matter of seconds, they get 1200-2000 mcgs of Aluminum. Compare this to what they consider a safe limit of only 30 mcgs of Aluminum over a 24 hour period.

This is 100’s of times more than what's considered safe by the FDA, our protective body. Does this make sense to you? Am I missing something here?

When you look at all the toxins that children are exposed to, even before birth, Stephanie Senoff’s prediction that by 2032. . .

1 out of every 2 children in the United States will be on the autism spectrum, will start to make sense to you.

So here is what scientists discovered from examining the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies, meaning they were exposed to these toxins prior to birth through contact with their mother’s bloodstream.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) examined the cord blood of newborns and found…

They began life exposed to as many as 287 of the 413 toxic chemicals in the study.
An average of 200 toxins was found per baby.
180 chemicals found are known to cause cancer.

Did you know that Cancer rates in children have risen 67.1% since 1950? Need I say more?

Our parents and most of us grew up in the “Lead Generation”.
Did you know that...Lead is inherited in utero from mom to baby.
And that Lead turns on “bad genes” associated with many diseases, including obesity and that this lead that passes down from mom to baby can be passed down for 4 generations?

Are we poisoning our children with formula?

Protein isolate, which is made from GMO (genetically modified) Soy, and Soy Lecithin, is loaded with a poisonous pesticide ingredient called Glyphosate… Glyphosate wreaks havoc on our gut lining, causing Leaky Gut, digestive disturbance, allows heavy metals and unwanted pathogens to enter our bloodstream, at the level of our intestines, and seep deeply into our tissues and organs where these toxins and pathogens were never meant to be, These toxins and pathogens cause disease and distress throughout our bodies and our brain.

“We’re feeding this poison to our babies, and
then wondering many of our kids are so sick today?”

“When I was a kid, Type 2 Diabetes was called Adult Onset Diabetes, because children didn’t get it.
Now kids are getting it and at a younger and younger age!”
We have to ask ourselves, why is this happening?

According to the Columbia University School of Public Health: “95% of cancer is caused by diet and the environment” To be clear, this comment wasn’t focused on children but was focused on the entire population.

According to the American Cancer Society's "2014 Cancer Facts & Figures" report:
This year, (2014) statistically, one person will die from cancer every 54 seconds. (Again, this is not specific to children).
And according to the experts, there is something we are doing to cause this.

What I’m telling you may seem very discouraging and alarming and it is not my intention to be a doomsday alarmist. I want to give you hope and some answers.

We need to start by detoxifying our bodies, cleaning up our gut, improving our digestion, decreasing our inflammation and nourishing our bodies with healthy food, good nutrients, clean, pure water and clean air. Although this needs to be done on a global level, we can be successful by starting with our own families first.

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Lead, children, heart disease and stroke, when does it all stop?

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Lead, children, heart disease and stroke, when does it all stop?

Up until 1978 Lead was put in paint, it was also put in gasoline. Lead is a toxin to our bodies.

When we are exposed to Lead and our body can’t detoxify it, it has been shown to get stored in our bones. Did you know that when a woman is pregnant, she will release some of her bone, which releases some of the stored Lead, and that Lead ends up in her baby? Ultimately, we end up passing Lead down from mother to baby, and according to Dr. Pompa, it passes through 4 generations before it stops. That could be 80-100 years of Lead toxicity in your family!

Additionally, as we go through puberty, we also lose bone and therefore as teenagers we can experience Lead toxicity at that time in our life too. We've all heard about growing pains in teenagers, especially when they spurt up really fast. I've often thought this was an indication of a mineral deficiency, but now I'm wondering if some of this pain could be due to Lead poisoning as it is being released from our bones.

“Most people associate conditions like heart disease, stroke, and obesity to age.

The older you get, the sicker you get, and the more likely you are to die.

But age does not necessarily control how sick or healthy you are. Studies show it’s the accumulation of toxins over time that are responsible for our bodies breaking down, causing chronic diseases and early death.

Age alone is not a good indicator of how healthy you will be. Lifestyle and exposure to toxins is a major player here.”

A new study published in The Journal of Environmental Health found women between the ages of 65-87 with high lead levels were nearly 60% more likely to die during the 12 year study.

As people age their bones release stored lead leading to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and weight gain.

“Lead poisoning is nothing new. In ancient Rome, they lined their aqueducts with lead and drank out of goblets lined with lead because it made the wine taste sweeter.

But Lead is probably one of the things that brought Rome down, because Lead is known to decrease your IQ.

Wouldn’t you think we would learn from history? Well, let’s look at our own culture now.


According to the World Health Organization,  

“Childhood lead exposure is linked to lower adult IQ”.  

“Lead damages the developing nervous system in young children, and blood Lead levels as low as 5 micrograms per deciliter may lower intelligence quotient (IQ),.”

But did you know that Lead is in a majority of our municipal water supplies?

And, that’s just one heavy metal, one toxin, there are lots more.”

Many personal care products are toxic as well.” Ladies, did you know that if you wear lipstick, chances are you’re exposing yourself to lead, especially red lipstick? A recent study showed 20 out of 33 lipsticks contain lead.


What can we do about this toxic Lead situation? How can we protect ourselves and our families?


We can start by detoxifying our own bodies from heavy metals and other toxins and we can find or make our own clean and pure personal care products for both ourselves and our homes. Please share this article with friends who need support. When it comes to the body, we all deserve to be informed.