The Top Three Toxins You Need to Know About

Heavy Metals, Mold and Hidden Infections Graphic

Heavy Metals, Mold and Hidden Infections. Take 10 minutes to read the following and potentially save yourself from years of suffering and medical bills.

Let's talk about the element Mercury first:

Silver amalgam fillings have been used for more than 150 years and contain 50% mercury. Mercury is very toxic to our bodies. And inside our mouths, those fillings continue to off gas mercury, particularly, when we drink hot liquids like coffee and tea. I don’t know about you, but I had plenty of silver fillings and over the years, I drank a lot of cups of coffee and tea exposing myself to mercury fumes many a morning.

And guess what, the mercury gets stored long term in our cells, especially our brain cells and this could be underlying many of our chronic degenerative diseases and memory issues. And even if you’ve had all your amalgam’s removed, chances are, you still have mercury stored in your cells and brain.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there, Mercury is still in some of our vaccines, especially the flu vaccine, (as is Aluminum, another heavy metal that does not belong in our bodies). If you are getting vaccines, you may want to consider doing a heavy metal detox afterward, to protect yourself from some of the heavy metal toxins you are exposed to in the vaccines.

Mercury is also in our oceans due to coal burning. Sprinkled in the air and landing up in our oceans has caused our seafood to be high in mercury. When we consume seafood, we absorb mercury from the fish, and mercury causes long term health challenges for both us and for the healthy bugs in our gut, (called our microbiome). This can create long-term health challenges and disease.

Next, let’s talk about Lead:

Up until 1978 Lead was in paint, and also in gasoline.

When we are exposed to Lead, and our body can’t detoxify all of it, it gets stored in our bones. When a woman is pregnant, she will release some of her bone, which releases stored Lead. That Lead, ends up in her baby. Ultimately, we end up passing Lead down from mother to baby, and according to Dr. Pompa, (from True Cellular Detox) it passes through 4 generations before it stops. That could be 80-100 years of Lead toxicity in your family!

A little aside, the environmental working group examined the cord blood of 200 babies and found that:

  • They began life exposed to as many as 287 of the 413 toxic chemicals in the study.
  • An average of 200 toxins were found per baby.
  • 180 of those chemicals found are known to cause cancer.

It’s been said that Cancer rates in children have risen 67.1 % since 1950 (No wonder there).

Did you know that as we go through puberty, we also lose bone and therefore as teenagers we can experience the symptoms of Lead toxicity too. We've all heard about growing pains in teenagers, especially when we spurt up really quickly. I've often thought that was an indication of a mineral deficiency, but now I'm wondering if some of this pain could be due to Lead poisoning as it is being released from our bones.

Now let’s talk about Glyphosate:

So, to make matters worse, we are not only exposed to the above heavy metal toxins (Mercury, Aluminum and Lead), we are now also exposed to Glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in the pesticide, Round-up. Glyphosate increases the toxicity of the heavy metals because glyphosate puts holes in your intestinal wall and kills off your good bacteria, allowing larger particles and heavy metals to cross the protective gut barrier (this process is known as Leaky Gut) This allows toxins to go deeper into the bloodstream, tissues and brain. (See my prior article on Glyphosate)

And now let’s talk about Mold:

Biotoxins from mold can create many unexplainable symptoms. So if you have many unusual, unexplainable and/or unrelated symptoms, think possible mold toxicity. Please note, this is not a mold allergy and it is not tested for through an allergy test. This is a specialized urine test, checking for specific mold toxins. If you think you may have mold toxicity, email me to learn more.

About 25% of the population is very sensitive to mold. You may have lived, or worked in an old house or building that had mold in it. But even new buildings can have mold in them because all you need is a water source that leaks, like a sink, bathtub, toilet, washer or dishwasher. Many mold toxic individuals have unknowingly been carrying mold biotoxins in them for years, causing a chronic erosion of their health. Toxic mold is debilitating and requires specific treatment for both your body and your home or workplace.

Hidden Infections:

Hidden infections are oftentimes the thing that keeps us from getting our lives back. They can be difficult to detect and difficult to get rid of.

Hidden infections from our teeth:

These infections can be chronic infections from our teeth, root canals and cavitations (where we had a tooth pulled). Root canals harbor anaerobic bacteria that no antibiotic or herbal killer can reach because they hang out deep in the microtubules that remain, even after the root was extracted.

Cavitations in the jaw left behind from tooth extractions (like wisdom teeth), will often leave a space that breeds infection. The anaerobic bacteria from the infection slowly work their way into the bloodstream causing major immune issues and can even trigger autoimmune disease.

Lyme Disease:

Lyme disease is perhaps even more misunderstood than heavy metal and toxic mold disease, and goes undetected in countless so-called unexplainable illnesses. For years western medicine didn't recognize Lyme disease as a real illness and the treatment was simply a round of antibiotics. If you didn't get well then you didn't have Lyme, it was "all in your head."

Today, we know it is in fact real, but still very difficult to detect and treat. Lyme frequently occurs with co-infections….bacteria like Babesia and Bartonella. These guys are nasty, opportunistic and hard to kill. Lyme, like mold, is a Biotoxin illness. Lyme is a stealthy, intelligent survivor that can morph and switch from a spirochete form, which can drill deep into your tissues, to a cyst that drugs and herbs can't kill. And if it were not hard enough to kill, it will hide and protect itself from the immune system by cohabiting in and around mercury. It appears that many people do not get well after years of Lyme treatment because they do not address the heavy metal toxicity issue, or the co-infections. True Cellular DetoxTM works with detoxifying heavy metals and infections like these from your body and assists you in getting well.

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