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Parasites Quiz

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For the past few years, there has been a major increase in public awareness of parasites and the role they cause in many diseases including cancer and multiple sclerosis. There are multiple causes for each symptom listed in the following questionnaire, not just parasites. Parasite symptoms must be viewed as a syndrome. Take this quiz to find out right now if you are likely struggling with Parasites. In this questionnaire, by Dr. Jack Tips, we assign points to the presence (or lack) of each symptom and see if a pattern develops.

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Restless sleep (toss, turn, wake often)
Skin problems, rashes, itches
Increased appetite, hunger after meals
Frequent diarrhea, loose stool
Grinding of teeth when asleep
Variable, changeable consistency of stool
Picking at nose, boring nose with finger
Abdominal pains
Vertical wrinkles around the mouth
Rectal, anal itch
Parallel lines (tracks) in soles of feet
Intestinal cramps burning
Irritable (no apparent reason)
Feel bloated, gaseous, no known cause
Diarrhea alternates with constipation
Bowl urgency, occasional accidents
Hyperactive tendency (nervous)
Dark circles under eyes
Need for extra sleep, wake unrefreshed
Allergies, food sensitivities
Fevers of unknown origin
Kiss pets, allow pets to lick your face
Frequent colds, flu, sore throats
Go barefoot in parks, public streets
Travel in 3rd world countries
Eat lightly cooked pork products
Eat sushi, sashimi
Sleep with pets on bed
Bed wetting
Men: sexual dysfunction
Slow reflexes
Loss of appetite
Yellowish face
Heart beat rapid
Heart pain
Pain in umbilicus
Blurry, unclear vision
Pain: back, thighs, shoulders
Lethargy, apathy
Numbness, tingling in hands, feet
Burning pains in the stomach, intestines
Menstrual problems
Dry lips during day, damp at night
Occult blood in stool (from lab test)
History of giardia, pin works, worms
Swim in creeks, rivers, lakes
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Disclaimer: This personal assessment is not diagnostic of any health condition. It is designed to help licensed health practitioners organize varied body occurrences that, when viewed as an organized whole, may lead to a common factor.