Sleep helps you build your immune system, so it's pretty important to get good quality shut eye now!


Personally, I find it very important to exercise during the day in order to sleep well at night. My exercise usually consists of ballroom dancing, OK well that was prior to social distancing. Now it’s bicycling, walking, and in-home zoom exercise classes. Obviously, you need to find the right kind and amount of exercise you need. Everybody is different and has different metabolic and genetic requirements, so just remember, life is an experiment now. Enjoy It!


Most of the time, not eating right before you go to bed is important. But let me qualify that….You need to make sure that the food you eat during the day is enough to carry you through the night. Not enough food, or the incorrect ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night. Usually, if this happens, it means you didn’t get adequate protein and fats during the day. Metabolically, some people may tend to be more of a protein type, requiring more protein during the day, while others may require more carbs, and women, shortly before their periods may require more carbs, so you have to play with this.


Eating whole, healthy foods that are in their natural state, not-processed, and don’t contain chemicals such as preservatives, dyes, fillers, etc. is important. Chemicals in processed foods may keep you awake at night. Patients have reported that preservatives and chemicals in their food irritate them, and they experience this as an internal, erratic energy that makes it hard to hold still, or they find their mood has shifted into a state of aggravation. Most people wouldn’t associate weird symptoms to the chemicals being put in or on their food, but it happens!


Make sure your feet are warm. You can warm them up by soaking them in hot water, for a bonus, you can add in Epsom salts, you can also rub your feet vigorously with your hands, or you can take a heating pad or hot water bottle and place it on your feet. After you get your feet warm, wear socks at least for part of the night, this will not only help you get to sleep, it will help you have a restful night's sleep!


No scary or exhilarating TV, movies or shows before bed. Don’t skyrocket your adrenaline with a scary or exhilarating show and then expect to sleep well. Do things that relax you instead. Some suggestions are:

  • Read a book
  • Take a hot bath- possibly with Epsom salts which gives you magnesium and helps you sleep
  • Practice deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness
  • Dim your lights at least 1-2 hours before bedtime
  • Use some essential oils for relaxation... ie. lavender and/or peppermint
  • If you are not too sensitive to EMFs, use an app on your phone for good sleep music or meditations
  • Try some good quality CBD oil, it helps some people

Blackout curtains keep your bedroom really dark, and this will
help you sleep better and deeper.


Take magnesium during the day and shortly before you go to bed, it relaxes you and helps you fall asleep.

If you find that anxiety keeps you awake at night, I sell a product called “Sweet Dreams Sleep Support” on my website. It calms your mind & eases your anxiety… and as we all know, feelings of anxiety and restlessness can take a huge toll on the quality of our sleep. This formula contains valerian root, passion flower, and GABA and helps you manage your stress. Low GABA levels have been associated with acute and chronic stress, anxiety, and low-quality sleep. It’s available in my web store if you want to check it out. Here's the link. Sweet Dreams Sleep Support


For 2-3 hours before bed, stay off of your computer, TV, cell phone, etc. (known as screen time) and if you are using them, have the blue light blocker/ night-time setting automatically turn on in the evening, or wear blue-light-blocking glasses. The light coming from these screens is known to screw up your body's circadian rhythm, negatively impacting your ability to make melatonin (your natural night time sleep hormone). Basically, blue light coming from these screens confuses your body into thinking its daylight.


Write your to-do list for tomorrow and prioritize what needs to get done first. This will help you release your worries/ anxieties at night and motivate you to get up in the morning- knowing exactly what you need to do first.


Cover up lights coming from clocks, TV and devices so it becomes completely dark in your bedroom. (Again, another melatonin booster)


Journal and/ or write your gratitude list! Getting your emotions out of your head and onto paper, allow you to release the stresses of the day and process them better at night. People who express a sense of gratitude live a happier, healthier and relaxed life. Going to bed thinking positive, uplifting thoughts will set you up for a great night’s rest!


Remove all WiFi devices from your bedroom and if possible, turn off your WiFi router so there is no WiFi being broadcast directly into your sleeping area. EMF’s coming from your WiFi are known as biological disturbances.