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Detox Your Sleep

One question I was asked recently was “what does detoxification have to do with improving sleep”? Well, there are a myriad of reasons for this and I’ll name just a few. First off, let me say that we all have Bugs in our gut… meaning healthy or unhealthy bacteria, viruses, other microorganisms, and parasites – and…

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Late Night Health Radio

Sleep And Your immune System With Dr. Laara Van Bryce Your Immune System and your digestive system are intricately tied to your ability to Sleep.  In order to have a great immune system, you must sleep well, and give your body the time and energy it needs to repair and fortify its self. In order to…

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12 ways to improve your SLEEP

12 Ways to improve your SLEEP Prepare for a good night’s rest! **My personal list**     Personally, I find it very important that I exercise during the day in order to sleep well at night. My exercise usually consists of ballroom dancing, OK well that was prior to social distancing. Now it’s bicycling, walking…

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Types of Prebiotics + Tips For Eating More

What Are Prebiotics and Why Do We Need Them Prebiotics are to probiotics what fertilizer does for gardens. They are the foods that nourish the healthy bacteria and help them to “set up shop” and thrive in your GI tract. Incorporating foods that are high in prebiotic fibers into your diet is an essential part…

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Your Definitative Guide to Constipation If you often struggle to go poop, you’re not alone. Chronic constipation is one of the most common digestive issues. Although constipation is pretty easy to detect, it can be caused by many different underlying conditions, so it may not be as easy to treat. So let’s look at some…

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Suspect you have an autoimmune condition?

Underlying Factors That Contribute To Autoimmune Conditions When your gut and your digestion are working properly, your body will automatically be able to boost and support your health, which will improve your immunity to infections. Did you know that 60-80% of your immune system is located in your gut? Improving your digestive function is a…

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Your Definitive Guide to Poor Digestion

Your Definitive Guide to Poor Digestion If your body can’t properly digest and absorb the food in your small intestine, you can experience a multitude of unpleasant symptoms – gas, bloating and poor digestion. What’s more, the small intestine is the place where nutrients get absorbed and power up the processes in your body. Issues…

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Alzheimer’s is one of the fastest growing diseases in the US and is considered in epidemic proportions.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is one of the fastest growing diseases in the US and is considered in epidemic proportions. It has been a major concern of people over the age of 60, but it really should be of major concern of anyone over age 40. Here’s why…. Every 5 minutes, someone in the US dies from Alzheimer’s.…

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Autism, Aluminum and Sick Kids

Let’s start by talking about some statistics. According to Stephanie Senoff, a Senior scientist at MIT: “If the present scale of growth continues apace, 1 out of every 2 children in the United States Will be on the autism spectrum. by 2032. . .” Whether you think vaccines are good for our children or not,…

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Lead, children, heart disease and stroke, when does it all stop?

Up until 1978 Lead was put in paint, it was also put in gasoline. Lead is a toxin to our bodies. When we are exposed to Lead and our body can’t detoxify it, it has been shown to get stored in our bones. Did you know that when a woman is pregnant, she will release…

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