Nano Enzymes

Modern day science has shown that the health concerns that have become paramount in today’s world may be directly associated with or caused by our environment, and play a significant role in the increasing number of illnesses found common throughout society-at-large. Recently, the medical community has placed specific emphasis on dealing with health by addressing toxic overload.

It is estimated that our body’s immune defense system can process levels of around 1.2 parts per million in toxins, pathogens, foreign elements, and many outside stresses we are exposed to by our environment. But in today’s world, we are finding that we are being subjected to levels of 2.4 parts per million and even well above that level which is now part of the body’s demand on the immune system. Our body systems can become off balance when fighting to process these heavy loads. Depending on how and what we are exposed too in our lives, the toxic effects can be substantial leaving long-term effects ending in illness and disease.

Our body has the innate ability to re-balance its energy levels and receive what it needs to heal and regenerate health.; however, when outside stimuli and environment become more than we can handle, toxic overload does happen and our body’s state of imbalance affects our capacity to keep up and function at a level that is critically needed to heal, regenerate and repair. We recognize and are encouraged by the modern technological advancements within the medical community, conversely, our resolve lead OPRI researchers to believe more can be done.

Our office is here to help and to assist. Our mission is to address the body and to relieve toxic overload and burdens that are caused by environmental factors. In partnership with Organic Pharmacy Research Institute (OPRI), we target the illness by using a proprietary Nano-Enzyme Technology. Our Nano-Enzyme Technology now allows us to offer a unique way to help fight and overcome illness and disease.

Our Nano-Enzyme Technology utilizes a laboratory testing process that specifically tests for known causes of illness and disease. The test results provide OPRI Scientists with the needed data to formulate the Nano-Enzyme specific to the disease and illness being tested for. The Nano- Enzyme is then provided in a gentle delivery system which aids the body in its ability to remove toxic overload and resultant factors that can cause imbalances which often lead to disease and illness.

With body imbalances that come from bacteria, fungus, parasites, toxins like heavy metals and pesticides, as well as many other causative agents, issues of disease and illness can be addressed by the OPRI Nano-Enzyme. Being able to help the body function at its highest level of capacity is the key to helping the body relieve itself of toxic overload that leads to the dampening distress that hampers the body’s ability to heal itself.

We understand that effective help for all disease is elusive; however, we strongly believe that our body does have the innate ability to rebalance its energy levels giving itself what it needs to heal and regenerate health. Our Nano-Enzyme Technology and Process are here to help those who are committed to actively engaging in and maintaining a healthy and sustainable quality of life.


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