In a perfect world, the air would be clean, our oceans and water supplies free of pollution, we would get our vitamins and minerals from a well-balanced organic diet which came from a nutrient dense healthy soil, and we would all be exposed to plenty of sunshine. Considering the lack of clean air, clean oceans and widespread availability of truly organic healthy food and soil, most Americans are deficient in the very vitamins and minerals essential for basic body function.

To truly impact health, underlying inflammation must be decreased. Vitamins and minerals play a key role in this process. High-quality supplements provide nutrients missing from the diet which activate and support the body’s God-given ability to heal. But as their name implies, that is what they are, supplements to a good healthy diet.  Even though we may not be able to get the same high-quality nutrition that previous generations had available to them, it is still imperative that we eat as healthy and nutrient dense diet as we possibly can.

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