Improving your digestion will improve your sleep!

One question I was asked recently was “what does my digestion have to do with my ability to get a good night’s rest”? The answer to this question is multifactorial, but let me begin by saying that we all have “bugs” in our gut that are both healthy and unhealthy for us. They consist of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, and parasites.
It has been said that parasites are more active at night, and just their activity may keep us awake.  So by decreasing unhealthy parasites, in addition to unhealthy bacteria, viruses, yeast, and other microorganisms, and then increasing the good healthy bacteria we can improve our sleep.   But how do we do this….with the use of herbs, supplements, pre and probiotics, detoxification, and building our immune system.
I belief we all have some level of dysbiosis which is an unhealthy and improper balance of flora and bacteria and other microorganisms in our gut. This impart, is due to the toxic food and water we consume, the poor quality air we breath, and the general toxicity we now live in.

What used to be a healthy microbiome (the optimal balance of bacteria and microorganisms) in our gut has now become an unhealthy battling ground for many different bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens, struggling to take over real estate control in our gut.
Concomitantly, much of our immune system also resides in our gut. Since our immune system maintains and occupies a large portion of itself in and around our gut wall, it tries to maintain a division between us and what it sees as “other.” Its job is to keep the “other” out while letting good healthy nutrients in.
I would guess that if you are reading this email you have probably heard of the term “Leaky Gut” which is really code for allowing unwanted things (like bacteria, viruses, and large proteins) into your body and bloodstream, that under normal healthy conditions, would never enter your bloodstream. This creates havoc for both your immune system and your body’s detoxification system, like your liver and kidneys. We have always had some friendly and unfriendly micro-organisms inside of us, (what I’m calling bugs), and there is a balance that takes place between these bugs and our immune system. This balance allows us to stay healthy. When this balance is thrown off, what ensues is infection, and these infections may be low grade, chronic, and not easily recognized, and coincidentally, regularly appear to be concurrent with sleep issues.
Unfortunately, on a daily basis, due to the toxic soup we live in, this balance is being challenged and shifted toward the unhealthy, creating unrest and chaos, not only at the level of our gut and immune system, but at a cellular level. This is known as inflammation, and inflammation is known to be at the root cause of all chronic diseases.

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